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commercial strollers
commercial strollers

Cuddle Cart is a family based company that designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells commercial strollers to malls worldwide with every product being made in the U.S. Our company was established in 1993 by Kam Katoozian who was inspired to create a space efficient and safe commercial stroller designed by an engineering team with over 20 years of experience. The Company’s mission is to design and develop first class commercial stroller products for shopping centers, theme parks, zoos, and etc. worldwide. The CEOs motto is “The best design is the simplest design”.


Cuddle Cart is different from other commercial strollers for its unique space saving design and automated vending system to handle any outdoor condition. With our product, malls are now able to park three times as many commercial strollers in their Customer Service Center. Our unique design was made so that the strollers nest easily to save valuable space. As a result, malls are now able to stock enough carts for peak demand times so their visitors can always get a cart. Kam Katoozian envisioned this so that retailers profit more when shoppers stay longer because their children are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

Our company sells two products: Cuddle Cart (commercial strollers) and the Cuddle Cart Vending System. Cuddle Cart has various types of designs and colors. Different design types of the product includes: racing car, fire truck, animal, and airplane characters. Our company has recently developed an unattended vending system unit that automatically rents out the carts to shoppers. The Cuddle Cart Vending System was developed specifically for outdoor malls. This system is able to handle any outdoor condition.
Our main goal is to keep the design simple, high in quality, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.