Cuddle Cart products are the most unique commercial strollers and mall strollers known for its space saving design and its self-serve vended system.

commercial strollers
commercial strollers

Our Advantages

Cuddle Cart mall strollers can nest efficiently into any space and are the most durable commercial strollers for malls, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, water parks, and stroller rentals for other public locations.


Cuddle Cart mall strollers work indoors & outdoors in all weather conditions and these well engineered rental strollers are built for any public locations.

Competitive Pricing

Cuddle Cart mall strollers and stroller rentals offer multiple partnership options including revenue share, purchase, and lease.

Wide Range of Designs

We carry an extensive range of different characters for each stroller design including single & double strollers for malls.

Space Efficiency

Its space saving stroller design nests easily into any shopping center or other public location. 


It is an unattended self-serve vended system to perform the dispensing of Cuddle Cart commercial strollers and baby strollers.

Safety Features

Cuddle Cart baby strollers give kids the most safe and comfortable experience due to great structure and quality. 

Remote Access Monitoring System

Full access monitoring provider of cash/cashless payment solutions along with telemetry systems and a management suite. 

Self-Serve Vending System

24/7 unattended self-serve vended dispensing system of Cuddle Cart commercial strollers. The machine accepts cash/cashless payments and rebates are dispensed upon returning stroller rentals.


Cuddle Cart includes a wide range of different characters for single & double commercial strollers along with a self-serve automated vending system which handles the stroller rentals.

commercial stroller
commercial strollers mall
commercial strollers
commercial strollers

Cuddle Carts

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