Commercial Strollers


Single Car Design

Cuddle Cart’s Single car design is the most original stroller and offers different themes such as racing, animal, and firetruck commercial strollers.

Double Car Design

Cuddle Cart’s double car design is another original stroller in our product line which offers racing, animal, and firetruck themes for stroller rentals.

Single Airplane Design

Cuddle Cart’s newest shopping mall stroller for kid’s to enjoy a fun and comfortable experience.


Cuddle Cart Strollers are designed with important safety features including:

commercial strollers mall

Anti-tip wheelie bars make the strollers stable to prevent from tipping.

commercial strollers mall

Low body profile / low center of gravity prevent tipping and falls.

commercial strollers mall

Complete closure of the floor panel makes it to prevent foot injuries.

commercial strollers mall

Seat belts to securely strap in children.


commercial strollers

For Parents

• Tilted handle arm for various hands height (taller needs higher handle bar).

• Tilted shopping bag opening for easy loading and unloading of shopping bags and personal belongings.

• Convenient huge shopping bag (fairly wide, dim) for maximum shopping (1.5 cu. Ft.)!

commercial strollers

For Kids

• Soft rubber suspension to result maximum comfort for bumpy rides/ rough surfaces.

• Large panel to accommodate large foot area.

• Wheel base is designed in such that in the tightest area can be turned.

commercial strollers


Kids love riding in cuddle cart commercial strollers because they’re brightly colored carts decorated with friendly faces making it fun and comfortable for kids to ‘drive’!